Hamsa: The Hand of God

The Hamsa Hand is a symbol that originated from the Jewish and Muslim religions. Since then, it has become a popular good luck symbol worldwide. In all faiths, it is a protective sign that brings good luck, happiness, health, and fortune to its owner. Sometimes, you will see an evil eye symbol within a hamsa. … Continue Reading

Amethyst: The Stone of Protection

Amethyst is a variety of Quartz that was first discovered around 3000 BC. It is the birthstone of February, and usually appears in shades of light violet to deep grape purple. Amethyst has the ability to balance mood swings, alleviate anger and sadness, and dissolve negative energy. Because amethyst is such a calming stone, it … Continue Reading

Precious and Plated Metals

Guide to Precious and Plated metals: When working with high quality gemstones, you want your piece to last. There is nothing worse than your favorite necklace changing color right before your eyes so we are here to make sure you choose the right chain when creating your masterpiece! Here is a guide to Rose Gold … Continue Reading


What is this foreign word we speak of?! This is a type of stringing material made out of bonded nylon also known as C-Lon, which are the same product but different brand names. S-Lon is great for knotting smooth or faceted rounds and compared to silk it’s a much stronger and more durable cord. It … Continue Reading

Hands On Pottery Fairfield CT

At Beadworks, we value fellow small businesses that allow you to go home with something you created yourself. Don’t you just love the feeling you get when you walk out of the store with something you put time and effort into creating. At hands on pottery you can express yourself through painting. You start off by choosing … Continue Reading

Karma Mala – Using Creativity to STOP Girl Trafficking

Beadworks is proud to support the one-woman non-profit Karma Mala, which raises money for the Himalayan Foundation’s program to STOP Girl Trafficking. Phyllis Kurzer is the dynamo who powers the whole Karma Mala enterprise. STOP Girl Trafficking prevents girls in Nepal from becoming victims of their family’s poverty by putting them in school. The girls are provided everything the … Continue Reading